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What Is This Hot Mess Goddess Anyway?

Welcome!!! if you haven't figured it out yet Hot Mess Goddess isn't a porn site. Not in that sense anyway. So if you're still reading you freaking rock! We will have heaps of word porn, food porn & everything a modern Goddess might like in between.

So what exactly is a HMG? Considering we're not down with being labelled, defined or told what to do, if there's even a slight, blurry description it would be just that. Not one single person on this planet is the same and we LOVE that! And not one of us is perfect, which is also awesome! We're far from perfect and quite frankly we don't give a f*ck. Not anymore anyway.

So we're here to high five you when you're on fire, give you a hand up when you're not, and let you know we have your back either way.

We'll cover the stuff you want to know about when it comes to health, mindset, relationships, making enough cash to live a kickass life, and most importantly how you can still be happy while you're working towards it all. There'll also be occasional random stuff we think is worth a mention, and probably some ramblings that make no sense at all. You can either simply ignore those, shoot us a kind message or better yet send tequila...we're probably having one of those days xx

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