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WTF is Hot Mess Goddess?

If you haven't figured it out yet Hot Mess Goddess isn't a porn site so if you've landed here for that, I emplore you to stick around!


Considering we're not down with being labelled, defined & told what to do, if there's even a slight, blurry description it would be just that. We're far from perfect and quite frankly we don't give a f*ck.


Not anymore anyway.

Meet HMG


Sally Jane Friday

Podcaster, writer, and hot mess multitasker


Molly Worts

Photographer, social media, and VA extrordinaire


A flash of inspiration. A niggling you just can't shake, until it becomes so loud you can't hear anything else. Goosebumps. Downloads. You just know this is what you're here to do.

This is how I now live. It’s taken decades not to question my Human Design & unique combination of Gene Keys that beckoned me to follow the wondrous, brush-covered paths I was so sure were my soul’s purpose.

I may have emerged with some deep scars, but I now trust what inspires me however that evolves. All I know is the magic of storytelling will always be at the core of everything I do.

And I'm fortunate enough to have a talented daughter in my team who keeps it all on track!


We're both huge advocates for doing what you love because that's going to serve the collective far more than anything you think you should be doing.


We're here to high-five you when you're on fire, give you a hand up when you're not, and let you know we have your back either way. Truly. If you need help, reach out. This is my personal email.

We'll also share evrything we're learning along the way because sharing is caring, and we'll never be done with learning, growing, and exploring the magic of this human existence. 

Want more?

If you know in your heart your story needs to be told you can write with me here


It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for publication or as part of your own healing journey, if you just need editing, want to write within a small group or go through the entire process 1:1. I can help you take that first step because I know you can do it. And I have the tools, the skills and wholehearted desire to see you shine.


If you're craving a personal cacao experience, need a kick ass bio or would like info on other ways to collaborate you can find it all at

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, I'd absolutely love to hear from you!


If you'd like to experience a beautiful Sisterhood, my sister company Soul Sister Collective Global has a private Facebook group with loads of valuable content, activations, cacao ceremonies, support, ridiculous memes (who doesn't love a good meme) and hundreds of women sharing what they learn along the way.


Or you can take my hand in a more intimate Sisterhood to hold you as you unlock your own wisdom in Sacred Circle through The Embodiment Journey with Soul Sister Collective and my co-founder Aveni-Cherie.

For everything else, please leave me your details. I love making new friends either way so get in touch!

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