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Choose Your Own Adventure

What makes you different?

It’s every single conversation, experience, interaction, adventure, smile, kiss, touch that's led you right here, to this very moment. To who you are.

It’s also those unexplained yearnings that came into this life with you. Your passion, the things you’re naturally good at, the things you just love to do and talk about.

It’s the pain, the loss, the longing, the scars that mark us so deeply. From all of these, our lives become a Choose Your Own Adventure novel…

There are different paths leading to different life experiences. We can choose to let the wounds of our past fester, feeding them with resentment, anger, judgement… giving them that dense energy that reflects right back to us, creating chaos, drama, fear. Or we can choose to see what’s reflected back in any given moment with appreciation for the lessons and decide to follow a different path.

This is how powerful FORGIVENESS was in my life. Forgiveness for myself for every poor decision (and oh there are so many!) and forgiveness for every person who’s done me wrong. There have been more than enough of those too, and I was bitter about it. Once I finally realised they are all soul contracts and I get to play with how I respond in any given moment, to choose which path to go down, my whole world changed.

I wrote a book. Surrendered to my gifts. Started a business doing what I loved. Learned to trust my own unique expression. And have trust in myself to always choose my own adventure.

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