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Autumn, boundaries and letting go

A lovely friend pointed out that I’m always on a quest to find the hidden messages in every day things, but sometimes life just is.

It got me thinking, but I know nothing is coincidence. When I began to notice those ordinary little things like seeing a ladybug, finding a feather, or repeating numbers and looking up the meanings, everything made sense and my entire world changed.

It’s all a glorious labyrinth of information we can choose to acknowledge or not. And with each conversation on the HMG podcast I’m in awe of the information that’s truly available to us.

So my chat with meridian Goddess Renee Gould was all about Autumn, the season of transformation and letting go, and as it turns out, boundaries (or my lack thereof).

The transition between Summer and Winter, Autumn brings the energy of Yin which encourages us to turn inward so we can release energies we no longer need or that aren’t serving us… from life experiences to emotions to actual metabolic by-products (yep, quite literally letting that shit go!)

Autumn also sees a direct correlation within our bodies as the lung & large intestine meridians are at their peak, working with the rhythm of breath and releasing.

And here’s where my lack of boundaries came into it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine relates the Lung to the element of Metal, which symbolises structure and boundaries. It’s no surprise I’ve been avoiding breathwork for weeks, my rituals have gone out the window, and my kids and ex have had me in tears, pissed off, and frustrated with their complete lack of respect (which I’m fully aware is what my vibration is attracting, fuck it all).

My ‘symptoms’ were all external but they can also be seen within our body, as Renee explains:

“It’s the metal in the earth that gives it its inner structure and integrity, yet it also has a component of flexibility as it can be remoulded many times. When the metal element is balanced, this creates healthy boundaries, an easy routine, and inspiring rituals and self-discipline. When Metal energy is not in balance, physical boundaries can also be compromised, which can result in issues with the respiratory system, the skin, elimination, and with the lymphatic and immune system.”

The meridian Times:

I know 3am is the hour for creatives, but if you’re waking up during the hours when the lungs or large intestine are most active it could also indicate you’re a bit out of whack.

3- 5am is the time of the Lung Meridian. Soft inhales and exhales are key during this time which is good news considering you’re likely already doing this as you sleep. You are also enriching your body with oxygen, which assists with letting go of toxic waste and boosting immunity.

5-7 am the body’s Qi then moves on to be the most active within our Large Intestine. The body is ready to wake up and start a fresh new day. It's best to start with warm water for hydration and to help the bowels eliminate waste.

The Wind Gate:

Renee also spoke about protecting our wind gate, which is at the back of our neck (not what I was expecting at all given the link with the large intestine & elimination!) But it’s great to know there are simple solutions to help us work with energies of Autumn.

To protect your wind gate, especially in windy and cold weather, cover your chest and neck with warm clothing and scarves. Because part of the Lung’s job is to protect you from pathogens, covering up your skin is a great way to preserve and protect your Lung’s energy.

So as the leaves begin to change colour, fall from the trees, and return to the earth as compost to promote the coming of a new harvest, we’re naturally drawn to release old patterns, thoughts or bodily waste to make way for the new energy that aligns with us in this new season.

Autumn Affirmations:

With every breath I take, I release that which no longer serves my highest good.

I love myself so much I maintain healthy boundaries with others.


What old stories can you let go of?

What would you desire to create for yourself instead?

To follow Renee Gould or dive in deeper with the meridians find her here:

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