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Happiness Where You're At

My son Flynn in his happy place surrounded by flowers

I Am Worthy

I am Enough

I Am Whole

I Am Perfect

Right Now.

For so long I had this story in my head that my happiness was somewhere off in the future and I just had to get through today and tomorrow, and the next day and eventually I’d be “there”. I would arrive at my destination where everything was perfect.

You know, madly in love with a man who was just as passionate about our colour personalities, love languages and energy fields as I was, but manly enough to build an awesome campfire. We’d have a beautiful rustic home in the country, and a bright airy beach house to escape to and watch our kids joyously find pippies so we could dangle a fishing line and catch our dinner. We could impulsively take off for a fun filled road trip, or jump on a plane to sip cocktails as the sun sets over the crystal clear sea in Fiji. I’d regularly recharge at one of those rainforest retreats where the organic platters of goodness served on my treetop balcony were as nourishing for the soul as the reiki infused body wraps, morning meditations & soaking up nature in the mineral infused hot springs. Notebook in hand, being oh so creative.

But my reality was kids with attitude. Money disappearing as fast as it was coming in. A messy house as soon as I’d cleaned it, and it wasn’t even ours... or at the beach. Disappointments. Assholes to deal with. Family dramas. No time to travel. And a never ending barrage of “what’s for dinner?" My reality wasn’t quite how I imagined adulting to be.

I was fully aware that I attract what I focus on, it just took me longer than it should have to realise I was focusing on what I didn’t have. And even then it was a lot harder than I thought to switch it around! It’s human nature to talk about our problems. We’re addicted to it, and revel in comparing and lord help us, actually trying to outdo each other on how crap our lives are. We kid ourselves it’s to make the other person feel better by saying things like “You think that’s bad…” or “I’m hearing you, you should see my..." (fill in the blank…). But it certainly wasn’t helping me.

So, changing your life around in a day is unrealistic and certainly not sustainable. But you know what? All it takes is little things every day to make me feel good, creative, alive and help me step into my purpose for being on this earth. It’s trying one thing at a time. Creating a habit, then adding in another. For me the first thing was gratitude…the fastest way to raise my vibration. I’d think of one thing I was grateful for before I got up. Then I did it at bedtime too. Then I bought a beautiful journal and started writing them down to really feel it as well as just think it. And every morning I drink a nutritionally dense superfood smoothie to give my cells all they need to do their thing.

Sometimes I like to read. Or dance around to my fave tunes, especially doing the housework. I listen to podcasts and learn from brilliant minds while I drive. And sometimes I sit outside in the moonlight and savour a glass, or sometimes a whole bottle of locally grown organic red wine.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it brings you joy. Joy raises your vibration and when that happens you make the world a better place, and when you do that you’re rewarded with more of what you desire. And you’ll then realise it’s easy to find joy in the little moments. A smile, a hug, a conversation, an unexpected encounter, a detour, a painting, a poem, a song, a meal, a memory, or a glass of red. Or like my little boy, a flower. Happiness is in the now. And the more I realise that, the more things in that happy future daydream get closer to being part of my already enriched now.

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