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The Key To Lasting Change?

Have you ever tried to hate yourself into changing? Sounds crazy right? But in reality it's so freaking common!

You'll change your diet when you hate how you look in the mirror or how you feel when you've just downed that entire tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream enough to change. You'll work on your mindset when you hate how you sabotage yourself just when things start to improve enough to change.

It's human nature to change the things you don't like... skipping a song on Spotify, changing your Bitmoji outfit, or ditching the job that's sapping the life out of you. And when it comes to the things you hate about yourself you just change them don't you? It sounds simple enough, but it's just not sustainable. Self loathing can't bring happiness.

To REALLY make positive changes in your life you must first accept yourself. Lisa Nichols says it perfectly... If you want to change something, do it because you LOVE yourself enough to treat yourself better. Not because you bullied yourself into it, your little internal rebel will stand up to it eventually. Do it because you deserve more. Because you do, and you are worthy.

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