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The Podcast

Honour your alignment. Nourish your soul.

Rebel journalist, best-selling author, storyteller & personal growth junkie Sally Jane Friday shares powerful activations and all the juiciness from energy, mindset, and spiritual luminaries to recode your reality and rewrite your future.

The Hot Mess Goddess Podcast remains free (and ad-free) and takes me many hours to produce.

If you find joy and value in these conversations, and would love to contribute & support the creation, please feel free to donate even the smallest amount.

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Love Notes

"I love the way you tell your story, stories woven within stories, it's definitely a beautiful gift you have, that's for sure!"

Kath T, Founder Project Phoenix Rising

"OMG I enjoyed this soooo soooo much, you have such a beautiful voice I could listen all day, thank you"

Donna B, Founder Healing Within Natural Therapies

"OMG I LOVE your Podcast, I've been sharing it with everyone xxx"

Danni T, International speaker, author, intuitive healer


The Blog

For those who like to soak up the written word

Not quite show notes, not quite an interpretation of the episodes. More an embodiment that comes from diving into the conversations. 

You just can't go deep into someone's story or wisdom without feeling it all, or without growing and changing even just a little from each experience.

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